Facility Rental

Interested in having your event at the Normal Theater? Want to partner with us to bring a screening to Bloomington-Normal? The Normal Theater is the perfect place to host a unique private event and a wonderful partner in bringing information and education to the surrounding community. Click the button below to fill out our Rental Inquiry Form, and read on for some basic info to get the conversation going.

First of all, please note that schedule and availability dictate everything in the venue. We have a lot of commitments, sometimes months or even a full year in advance, so it simply isn’t possibly for us to host every event we’d like.

Would you like to host a meeting or private screening for a group?
The base rental for the theater provides you and your organization an event manager to handle all the day-of details. You also have access to our in-house audio systems that includes up to four wired microphones for use onstage, and one handheld wireless microphone. If you’d like to show a film, securing screening rights from the film's distribution company is required. We are happy to work with you on setting this up with our distributing partners. For private events that are interested in ticketing for fundraising purposes, the theater can provide assistance in setting up and managing your ticketing for an additional fee.

If you’d like to have a presentation on our screen, you are welcome to bring in your own computer or source for the projection and connect it to our system from onstage. Please note that it must be either an HDMI connection or converted to HDMI from a digital signal; a VGA to HDMI adaptor will not play nicely with our system. The theater also has a computer that can be used for presentations at no additional cost provided that your presentation is compatible with a Windows based computer. If you’d like to make concessions available for your guests, we assess a staffing and re-stocking fee. We can then either invoice you after your event for the cost of concessions or your guests can purchase concessions themselves directly from theater staff the day of your event.

Are you a non-profit organization or academic unit that would like to host a free screening that is open to the public?
If you’d like to host a screening of a film that speaks to some aspect of your mission and make it free and open to the public, we ask that you secure the rights to the film and pay any required licensing fees. In many cases we can work with you to set this up with the distributor of the film, unless the film is extremely limited in release or theatrical rights are simply not available. While we do require a minimum staffing fee for events such as these, there is no better place in town to hold a screening than a block from the Illinois State University campus.

Are you interested in hosting a festival at the theater, or in sponsoring a title in our regular programming schedule?
For longer programming engagements, we ask that you pick up the initial licensing cost for the film. The theater will run the box office and retain all ticket sales revenue. We will list you as the presenting partner for the film in all print and online media, and if space and schedule allow, we’ll include that information on the marquee as well. We also ask that presenting partners provide the door prizes for these shows, ideally connected to your business or the theme of the film.

Are you interested in hosting your wedding ceremony at the theater?
We would love to have your wedding at the theater; it’s a unique environment, and one we know holds a special place in many of your hearts. Our standard wedding package includes an event manager that will be on hand during your rehearsal and your ceremony to facilitate all of your technical needs. Among our amenity options are the use of our projection system, sound system, a marquee message to the bride and groom, and even concessions for the true cinephiles. Due to the nature of our programming schedule, typically rehearsals and wedding ceremonies must be completed by 5:30pm. Occasionally it is possible to extend your time in the space or to have an evening wedding ceremony for a premium price. Please contact us today to discuss your special day and all the options that we have available to you. 

Do you want us to show your film as part of our regular programming season?
Are you a distributor that wants to do a test screening of a film at our venue, conveniently located within one block of Illinois State University?
Do you have a live show that you’d like to pitch, or a mixed-media collaboration that you think would be a great fit for the theater?
Do you have an idea that doesn’t fit in to one of these categories?
Give us a call at 309.433.9941 or contact us by email to get the ball rolling.